House of Sankofa Collections, (HofS collections) supports and promotes artisans, seamstresses and makers in Ghana and the UK. We support training and skill development to create handmade individually cut apparel, accessories and soft home furniture. HofS aims are to promote creative and global talent whilst contributing towards economic regeneration.

In March this year, I took a trip to Ghana to meet our core seamstress and her students. I was also honoured to meet other makers including Dora and her family of batik and tie & dye makers. Hofs Collections believe that forming genuine face-to-face relationships with our makers is invaluable and intrinsic.


about me

I am Talibah, founder of HofS Collections and passionate about social entrepreneurship, textiles/design and photography! Like so many of us, I wear many hats.  My expertise is in community development & management with over 25 years of experience and for which I hold a BSc (Hons). I am a fellow at The School for Social Entrepreneurs, London where I graduated in March 2019. I have travelled to Africa numerous times and have always been inspired by the abundance of local creative talent, and know that with these skills and more opportunities the livelihoods of many people and families can potentially be improved. I have met so many talented people who need a platform, support, and to showcase whilst continuing to develop their talents to the world. My hope is that you will enjoy knowing about who made your purchase, should you decide to and how you are positively creating an impact!


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